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We are on a joint mission to provide easily digestible, evidence-based, and relevant information regarding all things nutrition and men’s health. Our aim is to facilitate a safe environment where people know they can trust the information without any hidden agendas. We also hope to encourage people to become engaged with our community by asking questions and networking with others to help keep each other accountable to pursuing healthy lifestyle behaviors.

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"Dr. Amy and Dr. Michie are both very knowledgeable Doctors in their respective fields of medicine. They are always readily available to help their patients and group members in their goals to achieve better health physically and mentally, all the while doing this with professionalism, compassion and understanding. Not only have I gained the support of two wonderful Doctors who truly care, I have also made friends with other members of this fantastic group. My life has definitely improved in a positive way since coming across the Pearlman MDs and their Pearls of Wisdom group/site. Thank you all."


"I’ve seen Dr. Pearlman, both in her role as a gastroenterologist and weight loss specialist. She is an amazing practitioner, who is intelligent, passionate and caring. Her personal attention to you, as a patient, is unmatched, and her wealth of knowledge about GI issues, as well as weight-loss medicine is outstanding. Today I had an endoscopy procedure that Dr. Pearlman performed, and there is no doubt that out of the dozens of GI procedures I have had in my life, this was the most seamless. Dr. Pearlman and her team got me through the procedure from check-in to getting me into my ride’s car with total care and professionalism. And her mentoring on my weight loss journey has not only been successful from a weight loss standpoint, but also my blood work numbers are so much better. She really is the total and complete health care practitioner. "


"At 59 yrs old with multiple underlying health issues: Obesity, type II diabetic, sleep apnea to name a few, I too have been on the diet roller-coaster. I'd lose some weight but then turn around and put those pounds back on plus a few more. Under one umbrella it came down to #dumpthejunk! The pop, the gum, the chips and dips and ice cream, remove processed foods and meats, even turkey bacon had to go. Replace these with healthier alternatives. More green veggies, chicken and salmon, very lean red meat such as venison was ok, get my fat from the salmon and avocados. I needed to get more exercise.Many of these were changes I knew I had to do but never did them. I love my comfort foods and snacks! I ate out of boredom! I ate out of an addiction! I quit drinking 14 yrs ago and replaced that addiction with food! I guess I just needed to hear it from someone who knew. I had to step up my game and be true to myself. I cleaned out the cupboards, the refrigerator and the freezer and went grocery shopping. It's now been 1 month since my appt. with Dr. Michelle Pearlman and the results continue to come in. Since that May appt I've lost another 20lbs! Right now that's a total of close to 40lbs and still going! The healthy food and snacks are GREAT! My 2 favorites or cocoa roasted almonds to satisfy the chocoholic in me! Low fat 0 carb yogurt with fresh or frozen blackberries and blueberries for the ice cream treat! I have to tip my hat to these 2 very fine doctors! Each with their own strengths and knowledge! Each very caring and inspiring! I refer to them as my dynamic duo! Powerful alone but unstoppable together! #DumpTheJunk people!"


"I personally recommend Dr. Amy Pearlman to anyone I know and since then my dad has also started to see her for his needs. I love Dr. Pearlman's no nonsense approach and truly appreciate her as a professional and also as a personal friend. She has made many improvements in my physical well-being and many other aspects of my life beyond what she may not even realize. Thank you Dr. Amy Pearlman!"


"Almost a year has past since my first appointment with Dr Amy Pearlman. On that day there was the tell-tale tap on the examination room door. "Hi Mr. Wallace! My name is Dr Amy Pearlman. How are you today?" That appointment, subsequent appointments and discussion with Dr. Amy changed my attitude towards my health goals forever! I now realize my past choices have had a negative effect on my current health. Some of these issues I know I may be able to turn back the clock on, but the choices and work ahead of me are mine to do. I continue to work and cooperate with Dr Amy on not only my medical issues but also as an advocate for men's sexual health to help raise awareness that you too may be able to turn back that clock. "

I am a healthier, more active person!

New York, USA

"Who would have thought that a routine visit to a GI MD could improve your life incredibly well. That is my story; one visit to Dr. Michelle Pearlman started a drastic change in my life that had me lose 70 pounds in 7 months by altering my eating habits and becoming active. Dr. Pearlman’s dedication to her patient's well-being is evident in how she approached my case, proactively and to the point. Within a week of my first visit, I had a follow-up appointment with her where Dr. Pearlman presented me with a nutritional plan to lose weight based on my condition. She also suggested some small steps to become active and increase my daily activity while assessing my calorie intake methodically. For the next few months, Dr. Pearlman was monitoring my progress and continued to advise me on how to properly maintain a healthy lifestyle, i.e.: eating the right foods, portions and exercise everyday, stay active. Fifteen months later, I am a healthier, more active person, thanks to Dr. Michelle Pearlman. "


"Dr. Pearlman was recommended by my cardiologist, who spoke very highly of her, being a successful patient himself. During our office visit, she was extremely attentive; reviewing my medical records, meds, and having an in depth conversation with me about my health and my weight loss objectives. Like many, too much down time with the pandemic led to gaining an unwanted 20 lbs. Dr. Pearlman listened to what my eating habits were and made recommendations along the way as to foods to avoid or substitute. She also provided sample meals and pictures. She encourages her patients to send pictures of what they are eating and in turn sends pictures or makes comments. Every week, I send my progress to her and get words of encouragement in return. She regularly calls me a creep, but I probably deserve it! It works… weight started to come off within the first week and I couldn’t be happier. Now that I’m within a few pounds of my initial goal, I’ll probably go for another ten! I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have such a great and caring doctor, coach, and now a friend for what will surely be a longer life!"

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