Sexual Health

Learn about the basics of sexual health and how you can optimize genital structure and function with lifestyle changes (nutrition and exercise) as well as medication and surgical options.

Sexual health encompasses much more than erectile dysfunction. In order to have a healthy and satisfying sex life, one must consider the importance of communication, learn how to be creative with sex tools, understand what feels good/right, as well as optimize health of genital tissue. Research suggests that improving nutrition and exercise can lead to improved sexual function. Sex therapy/counseling and physical therapy focused on the pelvic floor can also help. Fortunately, there are many tools in the men’s health tool box when it comes to additional therapies (medical, procedural, and surgical) for common male-specific sexual health concerns including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, testosterone deficiency, penile curvature, and buried penis.

4 Tips to Improve Erection

1. Stress Reduction Stress and anxiety lead to increased epinephrine (adrenaline), resulting in the inability of smooth muscle in the erectile tissue to relax (relaxation of this tissue is necessary

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Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence occurs when you are unable to achieve an erection, maintain an erection, or ejaculate on a consistent basis. It’s used interchangeably with erectile dysfunction (ED) (Healthline). Several factors can contribute to the condition,

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Success Stories


"Dr. Amy and Dr. Michie are both very knowledgeable Doctors in their respective fields of medicine. They are always readily available to help their patients and group members in their goals to achieve better health physically and mentally, all the while doing this with professionalism, compassion and understanding. Not only have I gained the support of two wonderful Doctors who truly care, I have also made friends with other members of this fantastic group. My life has definitely improved in a positive way since coming across the Pearlman MDs and their Pearls of Wisdom group/site. Thank you all."


"I personally recommend Dr. Amy Pearlman to anyone I know and since then my dad has also started to see her for his needs. I love Dr. Pearlman's no nonsense approach and truly appreciate her as a professional and also as a personal friend. She has made many improvements in my physical well-being and many other aspects of my life beyond what she may not even realize. Thank you Dr. Amy Pearlman!"


"Almost a year has past since my first appointment with Dr Amy Pearlman. On that day there was the tell-tale tap on the examination room door. "Hi Mr. Wallace! My name is Dr Amy Pearlman. How are you today?" That appointment, subsequent appointments and discussion with Dr. Amy changed my attitude towards my health goals forever! I now realize my past choices have had a negative effect on my current health. Some of these issues I know I may be able to turn back the clock on, but the choices and work ahead of me are mine to do. I continue to work and cooperate with Dr Amy on not only my medical issues but also as an advocate for men's sexual health to help raise awareness that you too may be able to turn back that clock. "


Amy Pearlman, M.D.

Men’s Sexual Health Specialist and board-certified urologist specializing in Genitourinary Reconstruction.

Dr. Amy M. Pearlman is a urologic surgeon with a sub-specialization in genital and urinary reconstruction, as well as male-specific quality of life concerns. She offers medical and surgical therapies for erectile dysfunction, penile curvature, testosterone deficiency, and bothersome male urinary symptoms. Though trained as a surgeon, Dr. Pearlman’s primary mission is to educate men on the basics of their bodies and to encourage healthy behaviors in order to optimize performance in and out of the bedroom. 

Dr. Amy Pearlman is on a mission to educate the community on the fundamentals of men’s health and collaborates with healthcare providers in numerous fields including those in mental health, family and internal medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, physical therapy, oncology, and sleep medicine to provide comprehensive care to patients. 

She educates her patients and community members on a regular basis, both in person and online, regarding various aspects of men’s health and sexual health at a local, regional, and national level and has been featured on the radio, in the newspaper, on television, and on podcasts.

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