Learn about the importance of mindfulness, living in the moment, and how this can affect how you feel and your personal connections with others.

Mindfulness is being in the moment. Paying attention to how you feel both mentally and physically, your surroundings, and being immersed in the activity that you are doing. Although technological advances have had numerous positive effects on our everyday lives and productivity, it is common to get “lost in the hustle” because we are multitasking and not paying full attention to the task at hand. Nutrition is a part of our everyday lives, however we often consume our food while doing other activities and do not truly enjoy the food we are eating and the people we are with. Eating fast can often lead to common gastrointestinal symptoms like acid reflux, gas and bloating and does not allow enough time for our stomach to send signals to our brain to tell our brain that we are full. This often results in overeating, GI distress, and weight gain.

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