Pearlman MD’s Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering about creative gift ideas that strengthen rather than sabotage the person receiving the gift? 

Look no further than the Pearlman MD’s gift guide, coming your way just in time for the holidays!  We have put together a gift guide where we will share gift ideas for both men and women and highlight our pillars: Mindfulness, Nutrition , Sexual Health, and Exercise!


Wondering about creative gift ideas that promote self care and mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is all about being in the present, so when thinking about what presents to give this holiday season, consider ones that promote self care and the mind-body connection. If we don’t feel well mentally, our bodies can’t feel or perform well physically. 

When deciding what to get for your special person, consider:

  • Where do they like to be touched? Face, back, feet, hands, all over? Consider a gift card for a spa treatment
  • What are they trying to improve in their lives? Consider a book that provides tips on how they might improve the area/aspect of their lives where they want to do better
  • How do they like to relax at the end of a typical day? If it’s with music, consider headphones or a portable speaker.


Sexual health is a critical component of health, so when thinking about what presents to gift this holiday season, consider ones that promote pleasure for you and others. Consider size, shape, material, and how one might use the product (for vaginal, anal, prostate, and/or clitoral stimulation; for self pleasure or partnered stimulation). 

When deciding on what to get for your special person (or yourself), consider:

  •  Products that stimulate female body parts
  • Products that stimulate male body parts
  • Products that stimulate both partners’ body parts

As with anything in life, there is not a single best product. See what feels good. Be creative and don’t be shy! 


  • Are they trying to consume less sugary drinks?

Consider giving them a water infuser instead! Inspire them to flavor their water with fresh fruit or herbs to add a hint of flavor with a water pitcher infuser!

  • Are they trying to cut the excess carbs but crave pasta?

Consider gifting a spiralizer to create pasta out of lower carb alternatives like zucchini, squash or carrots. 

  • Sick of eating high sodium soups with a ton of ingredients?

Consider gifting a blender to inspire them to make their own by steaming veggies like cauliflower and blend in a blender with herbs and bone broth to create your own vegetable purée or soup base. Or, make a smoothie that contains fresh or frozen fruit, greens, protein (powder, Greek yogurt, or nut better), water or unsweetened non dairy milk.


Looking for a thoughtful holiday gift to give a friend or family member? What better gift than a useful piece of lightweight workout equipment that is travel friendly!

  • Resistance Bands:

As we age we tend to lose muscle mass. If you don’t use it, you lose it! Adding a set of lightweight, travel-friendly resistance bands to their workout routine will help to ensure they maintain lean muscle mass ( I.e. muscle) which helps maintain the metabolism.

  • Jump Rope: 

This lightweight and travel-friendly cardio accessory is perfect for anyone looking to get a great HIIT cardio workout in when time is limited.

  • Yoga Mat: 

Are they into Pilates, stretching or Yoga? A yoga mat is a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to add lower- impact exercises and meditation into their routine. It’s also great for core exercises to strengthen their abs and lower back.