Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

March 17, 2022 By Pearlman MD's In Nutrition
Fuel: Prior to endurance event or training Focus on whole food, plant- based nutrition plan majority of the time. Just because you are exercising, this does not mean you should […]...

Holiday Eating Hacks

November 19, 2021 By Pearlman MD's In Nutrition
The average American consumes an average 3,000 calories during a holiday meal (Source: Calorie Control Council). It is common to overindulge over the holidays. Oftentimes, one holiday is often surrounded […]...

The Salty Truth About Sodium

November 16, 2021 By Pearlman MD's In Nutrition
What is salt? Salt consists of a positively charged and a negatively charged ion. There are many types of salts. The salt that we commonly refer to in cooking is […]...

How to Read a Nutrition Label

September 30, 2021 By Pearlman MD's In Nutrition
Oftentimes, the more health claims on a product, the more unhealthy it is. Fresh produce for example does not have any health claims on the product except for the barcode […]...

The Ultimate Grocery List

August 31, 2021 By Pearlman MD's In Nutrition
Download Printable Grocery List Proteins If available and budget allows, try to choose items that are non-GMO and antibiotic and hormone free Fresh or Frozen options are both great Limit […]...
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