Eggplant Ratatouille

▪️1 large sweet onion, chopped into medium sliced piece
▪️1/2 red onion
▪️3 sticks of celery, chopped med sized pieces
▪️20 cloves of garlic, chopped fine to med
▪️1 medium box of mushrooms
▪️1 can of black olives
▪️1 large can of San Marzano tomatoes, pureed Use Italian based tomatoes
▪️1 large red pepper, slice into chunks or long strips
▪️Salt and pepper to taste

▪️Coat the bottom of the pan with olive oil and slow sauté the onion, peppers, celery in a pan for about 6-8 minutes till they begin to caramelize.
▪️Season with some salt and pepper.
▪️Remove from pan into a holding bowl. Hold pan….then add oil about 1/4 cup and add the eggplant, it will suck up a lot of oil, add more, sauté on med to med high, moving constantly to prevent burning, about 5 minutes, add salt and pepper
▪️Add garlic to eggplant…allow to cook for about 2 min…..pour eggplant into pepper and onion/celery mixture and hold.
▪️Coat the pan again with some olive oil….add the chopped mushrooms and sauté for about 5 minutes. Then add 1 large can 24 oz of tomato sauce, begin to season with basil (dried) about 2 tbs. or fresh chopped, at least 1/2 cup.
▪️Add other ingredients to the pot and throw in the olives last. Mix well and simmer for about 30 minutes on low, keep stirring constantly and serve as follows:
As sauce over vegetable pasta or as a base with fresh fish served on top